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Item Number: Mah51

The Hakko HK-40L Linear air pump represents a top of the line Liner Air Compressor with 18 month warranty.  The Hakko Air Pump 40 will deliver 40 Liters Per Minute.

It is a small unit with surprisingly high output. The Hakko air pumps are built to last with a very durable body and mechanics meaning years and years of everlasting quality airflow.

Very low noise 32/38 dB at 1 meter, low power consumption, Silent operation, Completely oil free, Overload protection with Auto off/on switch for overheat situations. Low power consumption. UL and CE listed for outdoor use.

The outlet fitting is approx 5/8" O.D.

No oil needed for lubrication making the Hakko easy to maintain.

For Ponds with up to 2,000 Gallons with light to moderate fish.

Model / Item HK-40 Application: Features & Benefits:
Rated Voltage (V) AC 115 (AC 110/115/120 or
AC 220/230/240)
  • Aeration
  • Liquid agitation
  • Mamut pump for air lift
  • Aerobic treatment
  • High Efficiency
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Completely Oil-Free
  • Overload Protection
  • Silent Operation
  • Long Life Expectancy
Power Supply Frequency (Hz) 56 / 60
Normal Pressure Bar (psi) 0.13 (1.85psi)
Rated Performance lpm (cfm) 51
Power (W) 40
Noise Level (dB) 35 Maximum dimensions: Certificate:
Closed Pressure / Bar 0.38
Closed Pressure / psi 5.5 204 x 174 x 215 mm
  • CUL
  • CE
  • JET


Weight (kg) 5.4 / 11.9


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