Pond Care Chlorine & Heavy Metal Neutralizer

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Purpose And Benefits:

Pond Care Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer is a water conditioner suitable for water gardens and ponds containing fish and plants. Pond Care Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer instantly removes chlorine and heavy metals from tap water. While chlorine makes water safe for drinking, it is highly toxic to pond life. Chlorine destroys fish gill tissue, preventing the uptake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide, resulting in fish death. Even low levels of chlorine irritate delicate skin tissue of fish, frogs and other aquatic life.

Certain metals, such as copper and zinc, are essential to pond life metabolism. But in elevated and unnatural levels, they become toxic and are classified as toxic “heavy metals.” These include lead, copper, zinc and manganese, which are prevalent in many water supplies, including well water. Heavy metals sometimes enter tap water from lead and copper pipes and from solder used to join the pipes. Airborne pollutants can deposit heavy metals in ponds when heavy rains carry them into pond water, where they may accumulate to toxic levels. Acid rain can even change “unreactive” metals in the pond into their toxic, reactive forms. Heavy metal poisoning may occur slowly over time. These metals can accumulate in the organs of aquatic life, causing a variety of physiological problems, ultimately leading to disease outbreaks and death. High levels of one or more of these heavy metals cause rapid death of fish and amphibians without obvious symptoms of disease or tissue damage.

Pond Care Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer instantly neutralizes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals in tap water and ponds. This product should be used when setting up a pond, when changing pond water, or when adding water to a pond.

Directions For Use:

Each dose of Pond Care Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer removes 2.0 ppm chlorine and 0.3 ppm heavy metals.

Add 1 teaspoonful (5 ml) of Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer for each 100 gallons of pond water.


Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer can be used all pond fish such as koi and goldfish. Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer will not harm aquatic plants. Chlorine and Heavy Metal Neutralizer will not interfere with water test kits.

Sizes Available:

141A -   8 oz. treats 4,800 gallons

141B -   6 oz. treats 9,600 gallons

141C - 32 oz. treats 19,200 gallons

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