Pond Keeper All-In-One Water Conditioner (16 oz)

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Only: $60.39
Item Number: 4000-307
This is one of the most comprehensive water conditioners on the market today and offers complete water conditioning of fish ponds, water gardens and aquariums.
Pond Keeper All-In-One Water Conditioner does what would normally take several products to accomplish such as:
• Remove chlorine and destroy chloramines
• Detoxifies heavy metals
• Adds essential electrolytes
• Replaces skin slime coat
• Reduces fish stress
• Removes ammonia and nitrites
• Maintains alkalinity
Pond Keeper All-In-One Water Conditioner is not a medication, chemotherapeutic agent or economic poison. It should be applied with regular water changes or when new water is added to maximize the dechlorinator benefits.This formulation is compatible with most other water conditioners and antibiotics, along with Pond Keeper beneficial bacteria. It is not compatible with strong oxidizing agents and should not be used with unchelated copper medication as it will inactivate the free copper.
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