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Pond fountain

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Pond fountain

Pond fountainWhy add a pond fountain to you pond? Well, for one thing, a pond fountain adds a certain beauty to your garden like few other things can. The rising and falling of water can be absolutely mesmerizing in both sight and sound. Of course, aeration is another good reason.

For whichever reason or reasons you are adding a pond fountain to your water feature, there are a few things you should first consider:

  • Height - to create a high fountain, you will need a powerful pump. Look for a pump that comes with a good range of jets - the range will help you be able to tell what kind of spray you will get.
  • Wind - a high fountain should only be used in a wide pond, especially if you live somewhere that is open and windy. You do not want all of the water to blown away on a windy day. The width of the pond should be at least double the height of the pond fountain spray.
  • Appearance - depending on the type of jet you have on your pump, you are going to get a very different looking spray. Make sure that you choose the ones that you like the best. There are foam jets, umbrella jets, tulip jets, daisy spray shapes, and much more. Bubblers are simple and easy to take care of.

Here at Pond Depot, we have a great selection of fountains. The beauty that a pond fountain can add to your pond is often very impressive. Show off your pond fountain to friends and family members who come by when the weather is tranquil and the air is fresh.

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