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Pond plants

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Pond plants

Pond plantsPond plants do not simply add beauty to your pond environment. They also help create a well-balanced aquatic ecosystem. For the most beautiful and well-balanced pond, choose a variety of pond plants. Here are some types plants that you should consider:

  • Marginal plants - these should be planted in just 3-6 inches of water. They rest nicely in a pond basket on a pond shelf. Types include the Arum lily , reed mace, marsh marigold are just a few of the many types of marginal pond plants. This is the most common type of water garden plant.
  • Floating plants - these float on the surface. The water hyacinth and duck weed are examples. These pond plants absorb nutrients from the water from hair-like roots that need no soil.
  • Oxygenators - these are submerged plants that are either rooted in the ground or float submerged. They produce a lot of oxygen throughout the day. Curly pond weed and water milfoil are examples.
  • Water lilies - these are favorites of pond owners. Known for flowers of a variety of colors, some with lovely fragrances, these are deep water aquatic plants. They take root in the bottom of the pond, but the leaves float on the surface of the water. Some varieties bloom during the day while others bloom at night. Water lilies are fairly easy to grow - plant them in deep water and keep them from flowing water.

    There are also bog plants (pond plants that just need mud) and partly submerged plants, as well. Generally, pond plants are categorized by how much water they are in and how much air they are in...

Many people prefer water lilies, lotus, cattails, and water lettuce, but there are many other types of pond plants, as well. From bamboo plants to primrose and more—pick out the very best plants for your pond, depending on your personal taste.

Whether you like elegant, vibrant blooms, or if you prefer pond plants such as plain lily pads cattails or bamboo shoots that have completely different yet equally luxurious look to them, we can provide lovely and healthy plants for your pond, as well as the right products with which to take care of them right here at Pond Depot.

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