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Garden ponds
Are you still having some trouble deciding whether or not to add a garden pond to your yard? Well, I am going to try to convince you that you should most definitely have a garden pond, and why you should.

Pond care
The first point I need to make about pond care in autumn leaves that fall into the pond will decay if not removed. Perhaps you can skim the surface of your pond to remove them. However, this method of pond care—once fall is really kicking in—may have to be done many times throughout the same day.

Koi ponds
Koi ponds require a lot of time and maintenance. If you are not ready to invest time into your koi pond, then you should most definitely not invest the money into one. Koi do function as beautiful garden “decorations,” in a sense, but they are really much more like pets than simple garden décor.

Pond supplies
Of course, you will first have to decide what kind of pond you will want to make and then choose the appropriate pond supplies to make a lovely addition to your garden. There are several types of ponds to choose from, and therefore different types of pond supplies.

What if I want to build a concrete pond?
You can build a concrete pond, unfortunately, usually not on your own.

Do I need a pump and/or filter?
If you have no fish, a filter is not required.

Aquatic plants & supplies

Algae control
Simple things like fish food, grass blown into the pond from the yard, leaves and many other factors all can contribute to the unsightly algae that can potentially build up in your pond.

Aquatic plant food
Some aquatic plant food comes in tablets that dissolve in the water.

Aquatic plant supplies
Some of the very best aquatic plant supplies are based on the type of aquatic plant foods you feed your garden pond plants.

Pond plant food
Pond plant food is important for keep your pond plants happy, healthy, and beautiful.

Pond plants
Pond plants do not simply add beauty to your pond environment.

Fish supplies

Koi pond kits
Koi pond kits make setting up your own koi pond so much easier.

Koi pond supplies
Koi pond supplies can come in many shapes and sizes.

Pond fish food
Keep your fish alive and happy with our pond fish food.

Pond heaters
Our pond heaters will keep the water surface of your pond from freezing.

Automatic fish feeders
The most important part of keeping a pond with fish is to make sure they are getting the food they need—not too much, and not too little—pond plants need exactly the right amount of food.

Fish pond bridges
When I needed something more; when I felt there was something missing in my garden, I realized that some great sort of fish pond bridges may help the overall look of the garden.

Fish pond kits
When you are looking for fish pond kits, you will of course, have to consider what type of fish pond you want.

Fish pond supplies
When you choose the type of pond that you want for your yard or garden, there are considerations such as what kinds of fish or water plants you have in your garden ponds.

Fish supplies
Maintaining a pond with fish is very important. You must make sure that you have the right fish supplies for your fish.

Koi food
When you have fish in your garden or yard pond you want them to remain healthy, of course.

Garden & pond decor

Koi pond bridges
Koi pond bridges can add a lot of character, beauty, and dimension to your garden.

Natural stone for koi ponds
Natural stone for koi ponds tends to look… well… more natural.

Pond décor
The right pond décor can make your pond even more beautiful than ever before.

Pond bridges
Pond bridges can drastically change the look of your pond and of your garden.

Pond lighting
Pond lighting can really change and enhance the mood that your garden sets at night.

Fountains & spitters

Outdoor fountains
Outdoor fountains add so much beauty and serenity to a garden.

Outdoor water fountain
An outdoor water fountain might be just what you need to add a little “interest” to your garden.

Pond fountain
Why add a pond fountain to you pond?

Backyard waterfalls
It makes you want to stay home and relax and unwind—even if you have been relaxing and unwinding all day.

Water fountain
A water fountain can really add a lot of beauty, interest, and dimension to your garden.

Water gardens
Water gardens add both visual and auditory beauty to your garden.

Waterfall pond kit
A waterfall pond kit generally comes with everything that you need to create a beautiful waterfall to cascade down into your pond.

Pond waterfall
It makes you want to stay home and relax and unwind—even if you have been relaxing and unwinding all day.

Pond waterfall pumps
These kinds of pond waterfall pumps are particularly good for larger ponds because they are more efficient and they will last and last.

Pondless water features
From the simplest things, simple additions like pondless water features to your garden or yard can make all the difference in the world.

Preformed waterfalls
When you check out the selections of preformed waterfalls we have in stock right here at Pond Depot online, you will be very impressed.

Solar fountain
A solar fountain can be a lovely addition to any garden or yard.

Floating fountains
Beautiful, calming and a relaxing atmosphere can be created when you have floating fountains.

Fountain accessories
Beautiful fountain accessories will create a lovely addition to the overall look of your garden or yard, drawing even more attention to your fountain.

Fountain pumps
Fountain pumps are great ton have for your fountain.

Fountain spitters
The best part of having fountain spitters is that fountain spitters can make more of a statement about your personal taste.

Fountain supplies
When you choose the type of fountain that you want for your yard or garden, there are many considerations involved.

Garden fountains
Garden fountains truly are a great idea for the overall look of your garden.

Garden supplies

Garden pond supplies
There are custom designed garden ponds, fish ponds, koi fish ponds, stone ponds, ponds with waterfalls, indoor ponds, and so on.

Garden ponds
There is nothing like relaxing in your garden.

Garden streams
Listen to the gurgling songs of garden streams, would that not be perfectly relaxing for you in your garden.


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