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Koi food

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Koi food

Koi foodWhat kind of koi food should you feed your fish? Well, to be quite honest, koi are omnivorous and therefore eat quite a variety of food. In fact, if you ever find out that you are out of specially packaged koi food, you can feed them lettuce, peas, or even watermelon.

Whatever you feed them, you want to watch them eat. It is fun to drop koi food onto the surface of the water, thereby encouraging the fish to come up and get it. It is quite a sight. If you continue to feed your koi around the same time every day, you can expect them to start to gather around feeding time. It is even possible to train koi to take food from your hand.

You should never feed them more food than they can eat within five or so minutes. Any excess food in effect becomes food for algae - and you certainly do not want the waters to cloud over your koi with algae!


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