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Pond supplies

Lake rakes
Lake rakes are very useful tools if you have a pond in your yard.

Lake supplies
Our lake supplies will help you take care of a large pond or a lake.

Mini pond kits
Mini pond kits make great gifts! Of course, it is hard to not buy a mini pond kit for yourself, as well.

Outdoor pond supplies
Outdoor pond supplies are necessary for anyone who has a pond in the garden.

Pond water clarifiers
It is most important to keep your water fresh, clean, and clear with pond water clarifiers.

Pondmaster pumps
Therefore, making everything easier for you!

Floating pond deicer
A floating pond deicer you will cause an area to remain thawed in your pond.

Floating pond heaters
Floating pond deicers have often been called floating pond heaters because they regulate the pond water temperatures during winter to keep the water from freezing over.

Pressurized pond filters
When you need pressurized pond filters Pond Depot is the way to go.

Preformed pond liners
Your pond will make a statement about your personal taste and must be delicately placed in your landscaping preparations.

Preformed ponds
When you have preformed ponds the landscaping has nothing to do with digging and lining.

Pond accessories
Pond accessories range from brass sculptures to filtration systems to lake rakes to pond bridges to air pumps and more!

Pond additives
The right pond additives can really improve your pond.

Pond aerators
Pond aerators will help you keep your pond healthy.

Pond products
Pond products are very important to keeping a healthy and stunning pond for your garden or for indoors.

Pond pump covers
Pond pump covers are especially designed to maintain the good condition of your pond pump.

Pond pumps
Pond pumps are crucial to the survival of your pond.

Pond skimmers
Ponds are virtually always a huge task to clean if you do not regularly use pond skimmers to remove debris.

Pond spillways
The most beautiful parts of some kinds of ponds are the pond spillways they have.

Pond spitters
A picturesque spitter can be exactly what you want in your garden pond.

Pond strainers
Along with many other vital accessories for your garden pond, Pond Depot sells great pond strainers.

Pond supplies
When you choose the type of pond that you want for your yard or garden, there are considerations such as what kinds of fish or water plants you have in your garden ponds.

Pond test kits
If a pond test kit did not come included with your original pond kit, or if you just need a replacement.

Pond thermometers
Just like a pool thermometer, pond thermometers can tell you the water temp so that you will be able to regulate the water temperature.

Pond vacuums
There are many types of pond vacuums, of course, from medium to small mesh bags to collect large debris.

Pond air pumps
Pond air pumps are available right here at Pond Depot.

Pond intake filters
Pond intake filters are available right here at Pond Depot.

Pond ionizers
We have a great selection of pond ionizers, right here at Pond Depot. Keep your pond functioning at its absolute best level.

Pond kits
Pond kits tend to have all the supplies that you need to set up and maintain your own beautiful pond.

Pond landscaping supplies
Pond landscaping supplies will help you create and keep a beautiful pond-scape!

Pond algae control
The right pond algae control supplies can help you keep your pond healthy and beautiful.

Pond algaecide
Pond algaecide can really help you clean up your pond.

Pond care chemicals
The right pond care chemicals are going to help you keep your pond healthy and beautiful.

Pond chemicals
If you have a pond, then you need pond chemicals.

Pond de-icers
Pond de-icers will ensure that your garden pond has a “breathing hole” all winter long.

Pond drains
Our pond drains are going to improve the quality of your water!

Pond filters
Pond filters are a necessary part of a good pond system.

Pond filtration systems
The right pond filtration systems can keep your pond looking beautiful and remaining healthy forever!

Pond cleaners
If you own a pond, then you need to own some pond cleaners.

Pond covers
Pond covers are available right here at Pond Depot.

Bog filters
These bog filters, in the most simple terms, replace other filters, work better than other filters, and can be made as large as you need.

External pond pumps
External pond pumps are perfect for medium to larger pond sizes.

Solar pond pumps
Solar pond pumps are an environmentally friendly alternative to electrical pumps.

Submersible pond pumps
Submersible pond pumps are available right here at Pond Depot.

Submersible pumps
Submersible pumps are generally excellent pumps.

UV pond filter
Do you need a UV pond filter for your garden pond?

UV sterilizers
UV sterilizers are available right here at Pond Depot.

Water feature kits
Water feature kits make introducing a beautiful water feature to your garden a much easier process.

Water filter system
A water filter system allows you to more easily keep your pond healthy and clean and well-maintained.

Pond liners
Pond liners are flexible, so you can be flexible with how you design your garden.

Pond maintenance supplies
Pond maintenance supplies are necessary if you want to keep your pond clean and beautiful.

Pond nets
Pond nets help you provide a healthy environment for your fish and plant life.

Pond waterfall kit
A pond waterfall is one of the most beautiful kinds of waterfalls you can possible own.

Pond pump
You should always consider the quality of your pond pump as a comparison when you chose which pond pump to purchase by looking around and finding out facts and reading consumer reports before making a hasty decision.

Pond liner
A pond liner is, naturally, a part of your pond equipment that you cannot do without.

Pond kit
A pond kit may be the very best way to purchase a pond.

Pond aerator
A very important pond supply is a pond aerator, which is used to oxygenate your pond.

Pond equipment
All of your pond equipment should be top of the line, the very best pond equipment possible.

Other pond accessories

Pond baskets
Our pond baskets allow you to easily and beautifully display aquatic plants in your pond.

Backyard ponds
Very popular as well as very elegant in appearance, backyard ponds are perfect for that soothing ambiance you are going for in your yard.

Aeration compressors
Aeration compressors self-regulate and are so high quality that they will operate at the very best efficiency.

Solar pond heater
Solar pond heaters are a great pick for many different reasons.

Solar pond lights
Solar pond lights are excellent additions to any pond.

Underwater pond lights
Underwater pond lights allow your pond to be admired, even at night.

UV clarifiers
UV clarifiers are important to add to ponds.

Pond lights
Pond lights show off the beauty of your pond, even at night.

Pond plumbing supplies
Pond plumbing supplies are necessary if you want to keep your pond running smoothly.


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