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Pond thermometers

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Pond thermometers

Pond thermometersTesting the water temperature with pond thermometers is just as important as testing for pH, ammonia, and nitrites. The temperature of your water dictates how often you should feed your fish.

If the water is below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, you should not feed your fish. At this temperature and below, your fish reach a state similar to hibernation, and they cannot digest food. You should also refrain from feeding them if your pond thermometer shows the temperature to be above 85 degrees.

If the temperature is 50-60 degrees, you can feed your fish 2-4 times a week. Your fish can likely live in a wide range of temperature, assuming that the temperature change is gradual. Between 60 and 85 degrees you can feed them up to 4 times daily.

Never feed them more than what they can consume within a few minutes.

The smaller your pond, the faster the temperature can change. As temperature rises, dissolved oxygen can decrease (the water can't hold as much) and the toxicity of ammonia increases. Be sure to watch how the water temperature changes. While fish like koi can live in a fairly large range of temperatures of water, sudden changes can cause strange. If your pond water is often too warm, consider providing more shade.

Purchase your pond thermometers from Pond Depot. We sell excellent pond supplies. We have floating pond thermometers and more.

We sell thermometers that display the temperature of your pond in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Using a thermometer will help you regulate your pond better and to decide when you should start winter feeding, etc.

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