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Bog filters

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Bog filters

Bog filtersPeople who use bog filters have chosen a natural form of filtration for their ponds. Bog filters, also known to some as veggie filters, are used as part of a natural biological filtration system. One of the main purposes of this system it to control algae bloom.

So, what is a bog filter? It is a wide and shallow pool that is filled with small gravel where the water flows from end to end. It is generally about one to on and a half feet deep.

It is filled with many pond plants that have been deliberately starved of nutrients. Why? Because then, in order to survive, they must absorb all of their nutrients directly from the pond water. This increases the health of the water (no excess nutrients for pond algae to feed on). And, of course, the addition of so many pond plants can also increase the beauty of the pond.

Why not have a such an environmentally friendly filter for your pond? Depending on where you want your pond and what sort of landscaping you are doing, you may find that a bog filter is the perfect solution.

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