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Pond plumbing supplies

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Pond plumbing supplies

Pond plumbing suppliesPond plumbing supplies are necessary if you want to keep your pond running smoothly. To decide which supplies you need, you must first know which of the two major types of plumbing systems you have:

  • Pump fed filter installation - a filter pump operates the pond. A UV unit is installed between the filter inlet and the pump. Directly before or after the UV unit should be the heat exchanger. Before the filter should be a ball or slide valve. The filter must be above the water.
  • Gravity filter installations - these filters have the same water level in both the pond and the filter (if you have one of these, it was most likely made at the same time as the pond.) This type of installation involves a 4 inch diameter pump for water to flow through to the filter. On the other side of the filter is a pump which is mounted below water and is connected to a UV and heater. Then there are return pipes.

    These are very basic examples of different plumbing systems (and pond plumbing supplies) that your pond may utilize. For more detailed ways on how to set up or fix your plumbing system in your pond, be sure to speak with a contractor and/or find books on the topic.

Here at Pond Depot, we have all of the pond plumbing supplies that you need. Choose from our great selection of various pond plumbing supplies. At Pond Depot, we believe that everyone should have a well-maintained pond. That is why we sell all of our pond supplies at such affordable prices.

Important pond plumbing supplies that you may want to consider adding to your pond or replacing are UV sterilizer parts, pond pump parts, filter replacements, external pressure filter bulbs and pads, and other such supplies.

Depending on what type of pond you have, where you have it, and what size it is, etc., you are likely going to need different pond plumbing supplies. Here at Pond Depot, we have great deals on supplies, whether you need replacement parts or supplies to start up a new pond.

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