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Pond test kits

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Pond test kits

Pond test kitsYou can help ensure the health of your pond fish by using pond test kits. The most important things to test for are pH, ammonia, and nitrite.

  • pH - pH is the balance between base and acid components. A pH value of 7 is said to be neutral. More than 7 is less acid, less than 7 means more acid. The best rate for a koi pond is between 7 and 8.5, but a range between 6 and 9 is generally acceptable. Increasing aeration and changing the water can help balance a high or low pH.
  • ammonia - you want your ammonia levels to be 0. Ammonia is removed via beneficial bacteria. If you have ammonia, be sure to increase the aeration, stop feeding the fish, and check the bio-converter.
  • nitrite - if your pond has a bio-converter that functions well, you should not be able to detect nitrite. Nitrite, although invisible, can be deadly. To control it, make sure that your bio-converter is working well. If your pond test kit detects a low level of nitrite, increase aeration, stop feeding fish, and stop using UV sterilizers and ozone generators. For higher levels, you may need to add salt and/or transfer the fish.

    Other pond test kits that can be very beneficial are ones that test alkalinity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and nitrate. You should use the test kits regularly.

To keep a healthy pond, you are going to need a pond test kit. A pond test kit can help you maintain the correct levels of ammonia, salt, nitrites, and pH. We sell pond test kits that are going to give you very accurate results: these are pond test kits that you can really count on.

So, next time you are in need of a high quality, very functional pond test kit, you know where to shop: Pond Depot. We have the pond test kits that you need to maintain a healthy pond. These pond test kits are easy to use, too, so there are no excuses for having an unhealthy pond!

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