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Pond additives

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Pond additives

Pond additivesThe right pond additives can really improve a pond that seems a bit "under the weather." Here are a few different types of pond additives and what they do:

  • Water clarifier - helps you remove contaminants.
  • De-chlorinator - makes tap water safe for fish by neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals in it.
  • Liquid plant fertilizer - encourages growth of aquatic plants (but not of algae).
  • Fish medication - there are a variety of medications that can be added to your pond to help get rid of harmful bacteria and parasites and fungus, thereby helping your fish stay healthy.
  • Algae control - this is important for the health of your fish and the beauty of your pond.

The above mentioned types of pond additives are only a few of the available ones on the market. Realize, though, that if you are having a problem with your pond (the water is not clear, the fish or plants are not healthy, etc.), there is likely an additive that will help you fix it. To find out which additives you need, perform water treatment tests and/or talk with the experts at your local garden supply store.

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