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Pond algae control

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Pond algae control

Pond algae controlBefore buying pond algae control products, make sure that you understand some of the main causes of excess algae. Once you understand why you have so much algae, it is much easier to treat.

  • New ponds - it can take some time for your pond to balance itself out. When you first put in a pond, it is likely to have an excess of algae because there may be an excess of nutrients. Wait until the situation is a bit more under control before adding fish - fish will only add to the excess of nutrients.
  • Nutrition and sunlight - these are the two things that algae needs to survive. Nutrition for the algae can come from having too many fish (an excess of fish waste), over-feeding fish, decaying organic matter, etc.
  • Weather and temperature - springtime is a time when plants are only just starting to cover the pond; fall is a time when leaves decay on the bottom of the pond; the spring is a time when beneficial bacteria are only just starting to multiply. These things can affect algae growth.

So, if you have a ton of algae, you may very well need pond algae control supplies. However, keep your algae under control by not feeding your fish too much, using pond netting during the fall, not overstocking your pond, etc.




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