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Pond air pumps

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Pond air pumps

Pond air pumpsPond air pumps that can deliver air to the very bottom of a pond are the most effective: they provide the most efficient mixing and aeration.

Mixing is important for reducing dead-spots. Aeration is important for increasing the dissolved oxygen flow. Your pond is likely full of fish and beneficial bacteria and more, and all of these organisms need oxygen. Generally, if you do not have and use a pond air pump, that oxygen is too limited to fully satisfy the demands of the organisms.

It is especially important to utilize your pond air pump during the warmer months, a time when additional aeration is most important.

Realize, however, that fountains and waterfalls, etc. are also a means of aerating your pond.


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Why do you need a pond air pump in your pond? Pond air pumps are actually quite essential pieces of pond equipment. They keep oxygen pumped into your pond, and this oxygen helps sustain your pond life, both fish and pond plants.

Pond air pumps get the oxygen into the water by adding a constant stream of air bubbles, and this allows oxygen to enter into the water. Give your pond a chance to breathe -- get an excellent pond air pump, today!

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