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Pond aerators

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Pond aerators

Pond aeratorsPond aerators will help you keep your pond healthy. So, what do they do?

  • Put more oxygen into the water for fish, plants, and beneficial bacteria.
  • Reduce algae
  • Reduce foul odors
  • Improve water quality
  • Surface spray aerating fountains can break up stagnant water and thereby discourage insect breeding

How much aeration does your pond need? For one acre of surface, use 1 horsepower with an aerator rated at at least 2.5 pounds of oxygen/HP per hour.

If, though, you have excessive algae, there is a higher demand for oxygen. The amount of fish and plants, etc. that you have can also affect how much you need. Consider, too, that sick fish, a high concentration of carbon dioxide, etc., can increase how much aeration your pond needs.


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