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Pond products

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Pond products

Pond productsPond products are very important to keeping a healthy and stunning pond for your garden or for indoors, especially if you have fish. One of the most basic pond products that you can use is salt.

Why salt? In the wintertime, salt helps to keep koi healthy. It helps kill off some viruses and even helps the fish deal with the nitrites in the water.

What kind of salt? You can use basic Morton salt for water softeners.

How should it be added? Use a salt meter to add the right quantities of salt. Don't add all of the salt all at once - take three days to add it. For 0.1% salt content, add one pound per hundred gallons (you may want a higher salt content).

There are, of course, many pond products that you may want and need besides salt. For instance, you may need dechlorinators for when you must add tap water to your pond. Your fish may need food and medications. You may want decorative features like underwater lighting and spitters.

No matter what kinds of pond products you need, Pond Depot will have the very best selections.

Do you need pond aerators, pond pumps, pond liners, water fountains, koi pond kits, or other pond products? Let us help you out! We can provide you with one of the greatest varieties of pond products online.

Here at Pond Depot, we care about our customers. We want to make sure that our customers get the best products, and we also make sure that they get our pond products for the best prices. We strive to remain one of the best pond products store on the Internet.

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