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Pond drains

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Pond drains

Pond drainsIt is best to utilize pond drains before the start of winter, especially if you have more than 2 inches of debris on the bottom of your pond. If you have less than 2 inches of debris, you may be able to get by with simply vacuuming it up.

To drain the pool, make sure you first take care of your fish. You can place them in a kiddie pool full of clean pond water, covered with netting.Once you know your fish are safe, check on your plants. Some of your aquatic plants can also be placed in the kiddie pool.

Once you have drained your pond via your pond drain and cleaned it, you can fill it back up. Be sure to add a dechlorinator to the new water to make it safe for your fish.

Here at Pond Depot, we are certain to have the type of drain that you want to install into your pond. We have many excellent pond drains that are sure to get the job done!

We sell bottom drains, vacuum drains, and other pond drains. All the types that we have are going to help you achieve and keep great water quality. The purpose of pond drains is to remove waste and debris.

Do you need to replace an existing pond drain? Or are you building a pond and need to find the right drain for it? For whatever reason that you need a one, you are going to be able to find it here at Pond Depot. Let us be your guide to better pond products for better prices. Let us help you find all of the products that you need.

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