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Pond vacuums

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Pond vacuums

Pond vacuumsUsing pond vacuums in conjunction with pond skimmers, nets, and/or other such pond supplies can really help you keep your pond clean. Use a pond vacuum to get at the muck at the bottom of your pond. Use a pond skimmer and/or a net to get at debris floating on the surface of the water, before it ever has a chance to sink the bottom.

If you make it a point to remove the debris from the surface (check every few days), you will not need to get out the vacuum as often. If you rarely need to use pond vacuums, it may not be worth it to buy a more expensive model. Of course, as a rule of thumb, the more expensive the model, the more features it will come with and the more power it will have overall.

Look for one that can clean the bottom of your pond, between rocks, and even remove string algae. Look for one that will easily reach across your pond and to the bottom. Look for one that is easy to remove and to store. One with 2 chambers can be especially useful.

You vacuum your home to keep it clean, right? Why not use a pond vacuum to vacuum your pond and keep it clean? It may seem strange to vacuum your pond, but realize that a pond vacuum is very different than a regular household vacuum.

If you were to use a household vacuum on a pond, you would end up sucking up not just the debris at the bottom of the pond, but a whole lot of water, as well. Pond vacuums, on the other hand, suck up that debris, but manage to leave the water in the process! Keep your pond clean: buy a pond vacuum today.

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