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Fountain spitters

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Fountain spitters

Fountain spitters Fountain spitters are so named because they generally take the form of a sculptured animal, person, or mythical being that "spits" water out of its mouth.

Of course, there are some fountain spitters that are of abstract shapes or of non-living things, and not all spitters shoot water out of their mouths - it can come from other areas of the sculpture, instead.

Fountain spitters can be quite fun when paired with a pond, but they can also be used in other areas. You could even set one up to spit inside a wooden barrel, or elsewhere. However, an added benefit of using one with a pond is that it helps circulate the water.

Spitters use submersible pumps which draw water from the pond (or other water feature), through a hose, and into the sculpture/spitter.

Many people opt to use spitters instead of a regular fountain. While the water that comes from them may not be quite as extravagant as that from a fountain, it can be quite pleasing to the eye and ear. Also, it is generally easier to set up a spitter than it is to set up a fountain.

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