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Outdoor water fountain

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Outdoor water fountain

Outdoor water fountainAn outdoor water fountain might be just what you need to add another touch of elegance to your garden. To make sure that your fountain remains as elegant and as beautiful as ever, follow these tips:

  • Pump pantyhose - if you want to keep your pump functioning smoothly, you want to be sure to keep debris out of it. Simply pull and bind a piece of sheer pantyhose of your pump, changing the pantyhose whenever it gets clogged.
  • Water only - your outdoor water fountain should have nothing more than water running through it. Glitter, fish, bubbles, and other such things can damage the pipes or pump of your fountain (and the fountain finish and/or pump could hurt the fish...).
  • Don't alter your fountain - if you alter your fountain in any way (for instance, by using a different pump), you pretty much void the manufacturer's warranty. Before you make any changes, contact the manufacturer - they can likely help you solve problems you might have.
  • Don't damage area surrounding the fountain - do not simply care for your outdoor water fountain, be sure to care for the surrounding area, as well. Condensation can develop on the basin, and this excess moisture can damage the surface the fountain is set on or other nearby surfaces. Prevent your fountain from splashing and damaging surfaces by making sure it is completely level, the water height is at least 1/2 inch from the top of the basin (and also that the basin is at least halfway full), put your pump on "low flow," etc.


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