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Garden pond supplies

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Garden pond supplies

Garden pond suppliesThere are many types of garden pond supplies available on the market. Of course, sometimes this great variety can make it difficult to decide which supplies you and your pond need. Here is a list of important pond supplies, divided by season:

  • Autumn - this is a time of trees changing color and dropping their leaves. While red, yellow, and orange leaves make look lovely floating on your pond for a day or two, you do not want them to stay there. If they stay, they sink to the bottom, decompose, and provide nutrients for algae. Use pond netting or some sort of pond cover to keep the leaves out of your pond.
  • Winter - if your pond freezes over in the wintertime, you need a pond de-icer. This device creates a small hole in the ice so that toxins (created by decaying organic matter) can escape. Do not worry about feeding your fish in the winter. When the water goes below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the fish enter a semi-hibernating state. If they eat, the food will remain undigested, just sitting in their bellies. This can harm or kill the fish.
  • Spring and summer - the warmer, sunnier months are the main time for fish supplies. You will likely need to buy some new aquatic plants to replace any that did not make it through the winter. You should get fish food, water treatment supplies, and other such basics. Although your pond can pretty much take care of itself if you have a good pond pump and other garden pond supplies (like an automatic fish feeder), it is still important to check up on it every once in a while to catch problems before they persist and become even worse.

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