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Solar fountain

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Solar fountain

Solar fountainYou do not have to be an environmentalist to appreciate the benefits of a solar fountain. One of the most obvious benefits is the lack of power that it draws from your household electric system. This means that you can have the beautiful flow of water of a fountain in your garden without having to pay heightened electricity bills (it also means that you are not contributing any extra to the use of nonrenewable resources and pollution).

Another benefit of not connecting to your household electric is that you can place your solar fountain just about anywhere that the sun shines. This means that you can place it in the far reaches of your yard, even if there is no outlet there - you do not have to pay an electrician to come and dig up your yard just so that you can have a water feature where you most desire to have it.

While there are some solar fountains that will continue to work well (even on cloudy or overcast days), if you want your fountain to work at night, you want to be sure that the manufacturer of your fountain specifies that it will run at night. Basically, a solar fountain that can run at night has a rechargeable battery to store the energy gathered from the solar panels.

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