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Pondless water features

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Pondless water features

Pondless water featuresSimple additions like pondless water features to your garden or yard can make all the difference in the world. You do not have to have a pond to have a beautiful water feature. In fact, there are many benefits of pondless water features over those that are found with ponds. For instance:

  • Child-safe - certain water features, like pondless waterfalls, are much more child-safe than ponds. Because there is no pool of water, there is no place where a child could drown. Yes, your child could get wet in a pondless waterfall (and make sure that he or she uses caution when playing around the slippery rocks), but drowning is not such an issue.
  • Not stagnant - another benefit of pondless waterfalls is that they do not have any stagnant water. Therefore they offer no place for mosquitoes to lay their larvae.
  • Cleaner - water falls and fountains and bubblers are often much cleaner, clearer, and less smelly than basic fish ponds.
  • Care - pondless water features are generally easier to care for than fish ponds. After all, you are not trying to keep anything alive!

    Here at Pond Depot, we have excellent pumps and other products that will help you set up the best pondless water feature possible. Set up a stream, waterfall, fountain, or other water feature.


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