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Algae control

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Algae control

Algae controlSimple things like fish food, grass blown into the pond from the yard, leaves, and many other factors all can contribute to the unsightly algae that can potentially build up in your pond. To combat these occurrences, you will definitely need to use some kind of algae control method.

There are a number of great ways to prevent the algae in your pond from getting out of hand. There are natural and environmentally safe ways to control algae in garden ponds, fountains, turtle ponds, koi fish ponds, goldfish ponds and more.

Organic matter such as debris of all kinds, leaves, fish waste or fish food etc, can create problems for your pond if you do not maintain it. Your pond is beautiful as long as it is intended to look—and no one sets out to have a pool of sludge in his or her pond, right? Believe it or not, you can find treatments that will keep your pond, water and fish all healthy as can be by breaking down organic sludge.

Certain environmentally friendly solutions designed for clearing up ponds can diminish the overload of nutrients that can often be the cause of sludge, grime and odors—therefore clearing up the water to the crystalline appearance you want. Many natural pond solutions are perfect for your pond. They are almost universally safe for irrigation and, of course, harmless to turf plants, fish and other animals. Best of all, in the end, the result will be the beautiful pond you want.

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