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Automatic fish feeders

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Automatic fish feeders

Automatic fish feedersOne of the most important tasks of keeping a pond with fish is to make sure those fish get the right amount of food. This is why automatic fish feeders are an excellent investment for many people.

The detrimental effects of feeding your fish too little may already be quite apparent to you - the fish could starve and die. But what about the effects of feeding them too much?

Any food left uneaten by the fish becomes food for algae. You do not want to encourage algae by having an excess of fish food.

What is an excess of fish food? Your fish should eat all of the food that you feed them within just 5 minutes or so. If there are any leftover (excess) pieces of food, you should scrape them off the surface of the water.

You can set automatic fish feeders to feed your fish the right amount at the right time. Nonetheless, you should routinely check on your fish and the feeder and the pond and make sure that there are no problems. If you find that there is an excess of algae, you can actually stop feeding your fish for a little while. Also, know that you should turn off your automatic fish feeder when temperatures drop - you should not feed your fish when the water temperature is below about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because fish do not digest food well when they are in a cold temperature-induced semi-dormant state.

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