Pondmaster 950 GPH - Mag Drive Pump

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Cord Length:
PondMaster Mag 9.5 - 950 GPH

93 watts; 1.33 amps; max lift 15'. ( 1/12' ID is the minimum hose size that should be used for Maximum Flow)

This pump is a magnetically driven centrifugal water pump.  It has no seals to wear and contains no oil.  The pump can be used submerged or inline.  Inline means connections are made directly to the pump inlet and outlet ports, which have 3/4" NPT threads.  All electrical components are encapsulated in epoxy with no seals to wear or break.  The energy used is approximately 1/2 of regular motor driven pumps.  The prefilter screen or foam is provided for use in situations where deposits in the water could clog or damage the pump.  This helps give uninterupted service.

3 Year Limited Warranty

Available with 10' or 18' Cord
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