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Pond Supplies, Kits, Pumps, Fountains

Welcome to Pondepot.com! Fall is here! We at Pondepot.com would like to remind you that it is time to begin preparing your pond for the colder temperatures. Fall and winter care can be pretty tricky, but it is necessary for the safety of your fish and plants. Luckily, we have all the products required to ensure that your pond life will be healthy and thriving once the colder seasons come to a close.

While Mother Nature has spent many, many years perfecting ponds, we humans need pond supplies in order to maintain beautiful, thriving ponds. Fortunately, it is possible to create a "perfect pond" relatively quickly. All that is necessary is the right pond supplies. Please browse our selection of pond kits, chemicals, filters, liners, pumps and fountains to find all the supplies you need.

Here at Pondepot, we have the pond supplies that you need any time of year. We have pond kits, filters, liners, pumps, deicers, heaters, water features, fountains, spitters, fish food, pond treatments, and more.

A koi fish pond can be a great addition to your pond. Consider adding decor like a bridge -just don't forget the fish food! You can find all of the tools you need for your garden pond such as fountains and streams, and of course aquatic plants. Pumps and spitters can create a beautiful waterfall in your pond. Buy the individual supplies, or the whole kit!

Installing leaf netting over a pond as leaves begin to fall is a great way to keep your pond clear of debris. Large amounts of leaves falling into a pond will often disrupt its ecological balance. These leaves are also capable of clogging the skimmer or pump system. For smaller amounts of leaves, simply utilizing a net each day may be a more preferable option.

An autumn/winter prep treatment is another way in which one can reduce the build-up of dead leaves and organic sediment. Such a treatment will also keep the immune systems of fish in good shape all winter long. With the important benefits that a winterization treatment provides, a healthier environment will be that much easier to attain once spring again rolls around.

A pond heater will encourage warmer temperatures for fish if the pond is becoming too cold for a particular species. However, it is important to remember not to keep fish too warm. It is natural for fish to go into a state of semi-hibernation during the colder months.

Also, consider purchasing a de-icer to provide a vent in the ice which will allow a healthy exchange of oxygen and gas. An aerator or a water pump can also accomplish this task, though setting either requires particular care.

A pond is capable of being many things: a thriving ecosystem, a backyard oasis, a beautiful garden accent, and a favorite hobby among others. As a result, different people will love ponds for different reasons. Here at PonDepot, we have all the pond supplies that you need, no matter what your particular reasons for having a pond.

We also provide a learning center which covers such topics as basic pond care, algae control, koi pond supplies, pond lighting, solar fountains and pond baskets. Along with learning about keeping a healthy pond, you can also learn different ways to make your pond beautiful and attractive.

Of course, it may simply be that you are browsing our site this fall season in anticipation of selecting a holiday gift for someone special who loves ponds. If this is the case, you have come to the right place. Explore the learning center for reliable information on a variety of useful pond supplies to find just the thing your loved one needs. Then browse our store to find quality supplies for the best prices.

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